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Musicianship Studies

A sequence that builds music vocabulary and concepts by presenting a basic curriculum for music theory study and ear training (solfège). Various texts used.

    Description: The basics of music theory - introduction to note reading, key signatures, scales, rhythm, and time signatures. Introduction to written intervals and harmony (i.e. triads, intervals, and chord structure).
  • EAR TRAINING (solfège)
    Description: Using syllables in the movable - Do solfège system, students learn to identify, read, write, and sing rhythm and melody in treble clef. Practice of harmonic and melodic intervals to the octave. One-part melodic dictation and qualities of triads.

    student at a lesson.

The goal is for the student to become better able to recognize scales, key signatures, and intervals, as well as chord structure and basic harmony as it applies to song & improvisation from a basic perspective.


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