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Montreal & Online Drum Lessons
(An approach applicable to All Styles, including Hand Techniques)

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Instructional - Online Drum Lessons




Online Drum Lessons

Skype Lessons - are available wherever you are in the world . Person to person access to a drum teacher or specific concepts - Thus far: Europe, Los Angeles, New York, Missouri, Pennsylvania, etc.

Try skype drum lessons for:

  • Hand technique development (including Moeller Technique )
    Coordinated Independence & Style Development for all styles, etc.
  • Improve your reading skills including "embellishment" concepts

How to and what you need:

  • First Contact Jacob to arrange a time-slot (day and time).
  • Then, you'll need, if you don't have one, a Skype account and a PayPal account. Both are a free sign up.
  • You'll receive an email to submit payment.
  • Payments must be received in advance of your tentative time-slot.
  • (PayPal processing time is 5 days). Once payment is received, make payment about a week in advance of your tentative time-slot. You'll receive an email confirming your time-slot (day and time). That's it!


  • There are no cancellations for any reason the day of your lesson that you are not financially responsible for… Please read that sentence again to make sure it’s ENTIRELY understood!

    To be excused from your lesson for sickness or emergency or any other reason: - you must contact Jacob (phone message or email) a minimum of 24 before your scheduled lesson. If you cancel after said time or fail to appear for a scheduled lesson, you will be charged for that lesson.

    NOTE: If your lesson is scheduled on a Sunday, you must contact Jacob by the previous Friday no later than 2pm by phone message or email. We must respect each other’s time! Let’s understand that the Lesson Rate you pay reserves an exclusive “time-slot” in the schedule for you.

Internet requirements:

  • PC or Mac with DSL or high speed internet connection (dial up does NOT work)
  • Good quality web cam and built-in microphone
  • Speakers connected to your computer
  • Visual Computer Monitor
  • Register for a Skype account, it's FREE (get Skype here)

Paying by Paypal - You can choose to pay using credit card (all major cards), debit card, or bank account transfer without exposing any of your financial information to the merchant. (also FREE sign up) for a safe secure online transaction. It's a safer easier way to pay online. get PayPal here)

Please Note: Wireless Internet connections are not may not be recommended for taking Online Live Lessons. Wireless Internet at times may encounter interference from household items such as cordless phones, microwave ovens, or even cell phones. To ensure your connection is the best to run a quick check or use a modem, some type of high speed internet connection or cable connection.


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