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Drum Set Studies

Individualized studies for each student, based on level and goals. Instruction and Courses can be combined at various percentages to achieve your goals and results within a time frame to meet your needs. It's also possible to get targeted coaching for specific interests or problem areas.

Reading Proficiency -

Primary focus provides drummers with the fundamentals to developing the skill of reading single-line rhythms. The Reading Proficiency Program consists of a series of progressive course levels from entry level to advanced. Students also learn sight-reading skills and the ability to interpret music from a wide variety of sources and formats.

Hand Technique(s) -

Description: Primary focus provides drummers with the essentials to develop hand techniques. Students are introduced to the study of rudimental drumming as the foundation for a solid drumming technique. Emphasis on Grip, Fulcrum, Rebound, etc. including:

  • Ruffs
  • Rolls
  • Diddles
  • Drags
  • Flams

George L. Stone or Billy Gladstone Technique - There are no known authoritative books that describe the "HOW" of developing the technique. It is taught verbally. Jacob continues to pass on this tradition. (based on the Billy Gladstone concept) Best known proponent was Joe Morello.

Moeller Technique - Again, there are no known authoritative books, it's was taught "one on one", and continues to be taught verbally. Best known proponent was Jim Chapin

Coordinated Independence Development -

Description: - Provides drummers with development of abilities on the drum set. Emphasis on “time keeping” functions within a rhythm section. Students work on the instrument to develop the conceptual framework and application of applied techniques to perform in a rhythm section setting in a designated a contemporary Rock root style.

Stylistic Development - Students learn a variety of styles. Students apply what they have learned by playing with a click track and Play Along rhythm section. Consisting of Style Analysis, Groove Mechanics.
Styles include: Contemporary Rock, Contemporary Jazz, Contemporary Funk, Contemporary Afro-Cuban, New Orleans, Caribbean, Brazilian, Hip Hop, etc.

Time and Groove Development - "Style-Specific" - Focuses on the importance of playing in time, details purposely missing from description, with a musical groove and feel, no matter what the technical challenge.

Jazz Workshop - ask about

Latin/ Afro Cuban Workshop - ask about

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