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Basic Drum Lesson Course

Basic Level 101
This course is designed as an entry-level course of study, and focuses on developing the rudimentary technical and musicianship skills required for further study. Includes 3 parts:

Former student Bruno...

1) Reading Snare Drum Single Line Notation
Description:Primary focus provides drummers with the essentials to develop the skill of reading single line snare drum rhythms. Notation includes:quarter, eighth, sixteenth notes, rests, & dynamics . Consists of a series of progressive levels.

2) Hand Technique:
Description: Primary focus provides drummers with the essentials to development hand technique. Students are introduced to the study of rudimental drumming as the foundation for a solid drumming technique. Emphasis on Grip, Fulcrum, Rebound, including:

  1. Ruffs
  2. Rolls
  3. Diddles
  4. Drags
  5. Flams

3) Basic "Rock" Coordinated Independence
Prerequisites: Reading Notation or the ability to read single line music to an acceptable level.
Description: - Primary focus provides drummers with development of abilities on the drum set. Emphasis on “time keeping” functions within a rhythm section. Students work on their instrument to develop the conceptual framework and application of applied techniques to perform in a rhythm section setting in a designated a contemporary Rock root style.

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