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Instructional - Musicianship Studies



Musicianship Studies
A sequence that builds music vocabulary and concepts by presenting a curriculum for performance training, theoretical study, ear training (solfège) and keyboard fundamentals.

  • KEYBOARD SKILLS (piano fundamentals)
    Description: For beginning students. A course designed for students who require preliminary studies in keyboard skills as it relates to the ear training & music theory curriculum, below.
    Description: The basics of music theory - introduction to note reading, key signatures, scales (i.e., scales, key signatures), rhythm, and time signatures. Introduction to written intervals and harmony (i.e. triads, intervals, and chords).
  • EAR TRAINING (solfège)
    Description: Using syllables in the movable-Do solfège system, students learn to identify, read, write, and sing rhythm and melody in treble clef. Practice of harmonic and melodic intervals to the octave. One-part melodic dictation and qualities of triads.

The goal is for the student to become more proficient in recognizing scales, key signatures, and intervals, as well as chord construction and basic harmonic analysis as it applies to song form & improvisation.





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