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Jacob Kaye Band

Jacob Kaye Band When we launched the band, we realized that we didn't simply want to be better, we wanted to be the best. We wanted to deliver a signature musical sound and performance that others could only approximate - and not imitate.

Achieving this requires "consistent excellence" - a single, rehearsed, and refined group, that when brought together would result in a sound that is uniquely ours, alone.

Available as a trio, quartet or larger ensemble, for the following domestic and international events:

The band can be booked for public events, clubs, music festivals, radio, television, recordings and other large events.

Private Events
The band is perfect for Weddings, Chassunahs, corporate events, Bar Mitzvahs, Simchas, cocktail recptions, Corporate Events, Easy-Listening and more.

Educational Clinics
Jacob and the band are schooled musicians and their music is inherently educational. Schools may contract the band for school educational clinics, master classes, and combination classes and concert packages. Visit: Educational Clinics for more information)  

Write to us at:
for more information and pricing please see "Contact Page"

"We enjoyed your music... and would recommend your band for any chassunah (wedding) !!" Pinchas Tobin - Montreal (on the event of their daughter's wedding)






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