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"Live" Music Clinic Big Band excerpt - Norfolk, Virginia

"Jacob, I dig your playing, big time... You're a hellava drummer!! ... Dig your big band drumming man, lots of fire."
Mike Clark circa 2014 - (Herbie Hancock, Headhunters, Tony Bennet, Brand X, etc.)

Quote: "Jacob has a great sense of jazz, & chart reading. I was particularly impressed with the exciting playing displayed in concert with the big band video." Aldo Mazza, Kosa




Quote "Very nice. Nice hands, nice energy. Nice Independent Left hand lead.“ (above video) Kenwood Dennard (Sting, Dizzy Gillespie, Associate Professor of Percussion, Berklee College of Music)


Video Studio Recording
Blues Groove

Quote: "Hey Brother ..!!.. still remember the time you 'went out' like Elvin Jones at Crystal Mansion Studios." Johnny Neel (Formerly with the Allman Brothers Band & vocals Walt Disney Records CD releases Finding Nemo, Cars, and Ratatouille.)

Jazz/ Rock Studio Recording

Audio Samples Below

  • Click to Listen Jacob Kaye's audio of Chick Corea's "The Leprechaun" Groove (MP3 file opens in new window)
  • Click to Listen Jacob Kaye audio of "Funk Groove" - (MP3 file opens in new window)
CLICK for Audio Samples Jacob Kaye Band audio,various samples.


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