"Jacob, you've got GREAT hands!!! ...hands from hell..!!" Jim Chapin - circa 2005 (20th century’s most influential drum set educator)

International professional performance experience encompassing stage, screen and television in diverse musical styles.

Professional Drummer - Master Teacher - Band



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"It's been a little over 2 years that I have been taking lessons with Jacob Kaye. I am so excited about my development, I wish I had met him 10 years ago! My technique, reading and independence has dramatically improved. Jacob is passionate about teaching drums with the goal of taking his students to highest level. The only limitation is the student's desire and the availability of practice time. My goal is to play all the styles of music from Rock to Jazz , and with Jacob I'm definitely on my way." Roger D.

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Music Lesson Mission
"Instruction for motivated, serious students and professionals using proven time-tested concepts that develop the consistent excellence necessary for continued success, within the contemporary music scene."

"Any drummer today, should get them self a great teacher and learn all there is to know about the instrument they want to play." Buddy Rich

Diligent Study of Music can help refine Character and build Self Esteem

Generally,I teach the "how to" to improve and refine the essential skills. Studying Drum Set requires a unique number of skills that you must work toward mastery

Development of your "knowledge and ability" in any endeavor are the directly linked to achieving your goals in life, a hobby and a profession.

  • Hand Technique(s) - An absolute imperative is development of hand technique to a level beyond what you may currently think is required for playing in any band. For example: we need to create "head space" - Two different drummers playing the same gig - one looks like a wood chopper & the other looks like a professional musician
  • Coordinated Independence as applies to styles - The unequivocal necessity to develop four limb coordinated independence, yet again beyond what you may ever be required for a normal band (head space)
  • Tune Repertoire or Knowledge of...
  • Playing with other musicians

If this is not common sense, it needs to be -
Learn to Read Music - the skill that most prepares you to improve your playing. We're not talking about piano or learning to read music like a conductor of an orchestra - But, imagine you can only speak a language, any language, the one you know best right now. But you can not read one word that language. You only speak it and do your best to understand what others say to you. Now, how far do you think you'll go in any field of endeavor? (hobby or profession)

IMPORTANT NOTE: REALITY - Generally, a drummer is hired based on their sense timing, feel, and musicality. Very few, if any, are hired for a band based on their abilities to do drum fills and solos.

Whether you're a beginner, hobbyist, aspiring student or college or university student, professional, or weekend musician It's all good — MY goal is to assist you in becoming the accomplished musician that gives you every musical advantage possibly to turn YOUR potential into reality.

Music audition preparation for CEGEP, University, Cruise Ships, etc. Results!!!

Educating with the goal of generating consistently excellent musician-drummers who are able to read and perform all styles of music!

In my Home-Studio or the downtown Montreal Studio the instructional concept is dedicated to teaching you to become the greatest drummer you can be! You can develop the skills to play at any level, any venue, in all styles. The reason for teaching: Preparing you with the skills to work at the professional musician level. What you do with your new skills is up to you. Enjoy your journey!

My approach to teaching has resulted being one of the top choices for professional and student musicians looking to expand their performance skills for over thirty years.

Your goals and dreams are YOURS
Studying here can be an intense experience. The expectation of students is set at a high standard for consistent excellence. However when you love the instrument you've chosen to learn, you'll enjoy the time in the lesson (it may even be one, if not the quickest hour of your week). We work hard while your musical and mental limits are tested and broadened. Those that stick with it will leave with the tools necessary to work as a musician in the real world!--my job is to give you every musical advantage to make that a reality!

One of the things that makes this studio different is learning from a musician with years of professional experience and countless performances around the globe.

You get individualized instruction, tailored to each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses; while the core curriculum explored remains the same for all students. It is more than just the lessons, it means you’ll be challenged to rise to a new higher standard, and you’ll grow accustomed to playing your best.


University of Southern California Senior Research Associate says: "Music training has been found to be related to better language and mathematical skills, higher IQ, and overall greater academic achievement. Also, differences between musicians and non-musicians have been found in areas of the brain related to hearing and movement, among others."







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