“…we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle

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"I signed up to take lessons with Jacob because I saw he had played big band jazz before, and I wanted a teacher with roots in traditional styles of drumming. He works hard to build a curriculum to help the student with their weaknesses. He is a strong believer in drumming discipline + practice, etc... Oh and he does skype lessons too, if you need. Very warm personality." Anonymous 2018 (privacy maintained when requested)


Instructional Montreal Drum Lessons



Regardless of whether you are aspiring or currently a beginner, hobbyist, college or university student, professional, or weekend musician-- All are Welcome.

YOUR dreams and goals are YOURS---: Keep them!
THE GOAL is to assist you in becoming the best musician/ drummer possible by giving you every musical advantage possible to turn YOUR potential into reality.... then, what you do with your new skills is up to you! 

"Professional, experienced instruction for students and professionals. An approach designed to take your playing to the next level and instill the consistent-excellence necessary for success within the contemporary music scene."

- All You need is the DESIRE to be the greatest drummer YOU can be!! The musical direction you decide for yourself with your new skills is YOUR choice.

Also Available - Time-oriented drum set instruction for University, CEGEP (College), Cruise Ship, bands & Drum Corps and auditions and performances.

Those who apply themselves to instruction can benefit from:

  • Mastering all 40 P.A.S. Rudiments (master is significantly different than “knowing” - Hand Technique: Basic, George L. Stone (Morello), and Moeller Method)
  • Reading - Learn &/ or Improve standard single line rhythmic notation, Sight-Reading, 3 & 4 way Coordinated Independence. Including Embellishment Concepts, Drum Set Chart Interpretation
  • Limited Rudimental & Orchestral Drumming Concepts
  • Coordinated - Independence - Basic, Intermediate - Advanced Levels - The GOAL is to free both hands and feet from dependence on one another. Developing the ability, without breaking the rhythmic pulse, to successfully embellish the music in any given style(s).
  • Stylistic Analysis Studies - Rock, R&B, Funk, Latin, Afro/ Cuban
  • Jazz Studies for 2 & 3 way independence (Swing, Bop and Post Bop) "Comping" and Concepts of Improvisation Fills & Solos (beyond the clichés)
  • Ostinato and Polyrhythmic Development
  • Groove Development Studies - Develop a “time-center” with & without a click
  • Linear Drumming Concepts
  • Odd Meters, Groove Construction
    Implied Time, Beat-Displacement, Orchestration Concepts
  • and more...


- Some Specialties are Hand Techniques & Coordinated Independence Concepts -

YES! You've got choices! ... Drum Set Lessons and Specialized Instruction


Christina A., drummer (former student). Mini photo shoot - on tour in Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau, China at Hard Rock Cafe with Airborne (All Girl) Montreal Band (circa 2012)

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