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Over 35 yrs. international professional performance experience on stage, screen & television in diverse music styles.

Jazz & Contemporary Drummer - Teacher - Band



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Reality # 1
Don’t fool yourself. It may seem like a lot of work to develop
a seamless musical foundation in all music styles. Or pass a music school audition, etc.
And the truth is – it IS work.
Anyone who tells you this stuff is easy is lying to you.
BUT I will tell you that the hardest part of all this is just
STARTING. Once you start, it all becomes much easier.
Put one foot in front of the other and you’ll soon be achieving
your music goals.
The more you do, the easier it gets.


Montreal - Toronto - New York

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What I teach and How I teach can not be taught in only one lesson. Learning &/ or improving your performance on a musical instrument is a step by step process toward achieving your goal(s).

Whether you aspire to be a professional, college student, weekend musician, beginner or hobbyist ALL are welcome! Enrollment is ongoing.

Music Instruction: Motivated serious students are accepted for one-on-one lessons - a century old proven effective method of music instruction - Music is a uniquely human-experience. Understanding and appreciation of Music helps refine our character and our connection to people around us.

Making a decsion based on – “the best quality you can afford"…

Choosing a Teacher

  • It's best to avoid basing your choice of a teacher only on the cheapest lesson rate. All teachers have differing skill, experience, and ability levels.
  • Performing and Teaching are not synonymous, an effective teacher understands "how" to teach.
  • Thinking you can start with a cheaper lesson rate and "lesser" quality teacher and later upgrade to a better teacher? You may find you'll need to re-learn concepts that were taught incorrectly causing setbacks and delays of your time due to fundamentals that were skipped or taught incorrectly.

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