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"Jacob, you've got GREAT hands!!! ...hands from hell.@%..!" Jim Chapin

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Jacob learned "one on one" from Jim Chapin, and he has taught perhaps hundreds of students, therefore he's uniquely qualified to specialize in Hand Technique - Moeller Technique and Coordinated-Independence and with his extensive performance experience - Stylistic Development.

  • Sanford A. Moeller
  • Jim Chapin (Moeller protégé)
  • Jacob Kaye (Chapin protégé)
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"Moeller made you play things with a continuous motion," Chapin said in a 1981 Modern Drummer article. "The motion was the message. You made the motion and the stick played it. After a while, it almost played itself."



(Sanford) Moeller analyzed everything and stressed taking everything apart. If you played a paradiddle, you would learn what each hand did by itself. So from the time Moeller showed me that, I was able to think in terms of doing one thing with one hand and one thing with the other. That was the reason I got into the things that later developed into my book, 'Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer'." Jim Chapin

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