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"I wanted to thank you again for today's workshop - I would like to set up a meeting with you sometime soon so that we can talk about bringing you back to work some more with the kids. I will refer students to your website to get more info about you and lessons, a few kids asked me about it this afternoon...I hope some of them sign up with you; it would help my music program...." Susan Strunc, Music Director, St. Georges H.S., Montreal (currently with Lindsay Place High School)

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Instructional - Montreal Music Clinics

Music Clinics

Music clinics are designed to benefit students and music teachers at all levels of experience. They strive to address technical needs without neglecting musicality.

A clinic may focus on technical concerns or concepts of performance.  Often a combination of the two, with a preliminary session on technique.

Jacob is uniquely qualified to guide you through the fine points of teaching drum set, drum chart interpretation, marching percusson & orchestal percussion.  Performer and private teacher with over 30 years of experience & Marching and Concert Percussion. (Click full bio).

Clinic Topics

  • Approaching the Snare Drum: Correct - control and execution
  • The Rudiments - The Buzz Roll * their REAL applications
  • Developing Feel and Style: Jazz: Swing, Latin, etc.
  • Independence Concepts
  • Drum Chart Interpretation

Arthur Press (Boston Symphony Retired) and Jacob

School Band Clinics

Jacob is happy to discuss any concerns you have regarding your students’ performance and will work with you to develop a percussion/ drum set clinic that best addresses your needs.
A thorough explaination of the fine points of teaching flams and rolls.

The different interpretations between Orchestral/ Concert and Rudimental/ Marching Ruffs and Rolls.  For those of you directing stage or jazz bands, (Drum Chart Interpretaion) Jazz Independence Studies shed light on a fundamental component of jazz/ swing drumming. In addition to the above "Clinic Topics" also:

  • Mallet Instrument Basics (Xylophone, Bells, etc)
  • Timpani Fundamentals , Bass Drum and Cymbal and battery Techniques
  • Organizing your Percussion Section





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