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"I wanted to thank you again for today's workshop - I would like to set up a meeting with you sometime soon so that we can talk about bringing you back to work some more with the kids. I will refer students to your website to get more info about you and lessons, a few kids asked me about it this afternoon...I hope some of them sign up with you; it would help my music program...." Susan Strunc, Music Director, St. Georges H.S., Montreal (currently with Lindsay Place High School)

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Instructional - Montreal Music Clinics

Music Clinics

Music clinics are designed to benefit students and music teachers at all levels of experience. They strive to address technical needs without neglecting musicality.

A clinic may focus on technical concerns or concepts of performance.  Often a combination of the two, with a preliminary session on technique.

Jacob is uniquely qualified to guide you through the fine points of teaching drum set, drum chart interpretation, marching percusson & orchestal percussion.  Performer and private teacher with over 30 years of experience & Marching and Concert Percussion. (Click full bio).

Clinic Topics

  • Approaching the Snare Drum: Correct - control and execution
  • The Rudiments - The Buzz Roll * their REAL applications
  • Developing Feel and Style: Jazz: Swing, Latin, etc.
  • Independence Concepts
  • Drum Chart Interpretation
  • etc.

Arthur Press (Boston Symphony Retired) and Jacob

School Band Clinics

Jacob is happy to discuss any concerns you have regarding your students’ performance and will work with you to develop a percussion/ drum set clinic that best addresses your needs.
A thorough explaination of the fine points of teaching flams and rolls.

The different interpretations between Orchestral/ Concert and Rudimental/ Marching Ruffs and Rolls.  For those of you directing stage or jazz bands, (Drum Chart Interpretaion) Jazz Independence Studies shed light on a fundamental component of jazz/ swing drumming. In addition to the above "Clinic Topics" also:

  • Mallet Instrument Basics (Xylophone, Bells, etc)
  • Timpani Fundamentals , Bass Drum and Cymbal and battery Techniques
  • Organizing your Percussion Section
  • etc.





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