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Over over 35 yrs. international professional performance experience on stage, screen & television in a variety of musical styles.

Jazz & Contemporary Drummer - Teacher - Band


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"I would like to extend my personal thanks once again for being a great drum teacher. I have learned alot in the time we have had and look forward to more sessions (after summer). Any student should consider themselves lucky to be taught by you. You have much insight and much real life experience to offer. It just shows that even after playing for 25 years myself, I can always learn more and extend and break out of my own boundries."
Blake L. (2011) Band: HolloW (Metal -Symphonic Black/Death/Power/Thrash)

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Equipment - In-Studio


DownTown-Studio Lessons

  • "State of the Art" - fully equipped professional drum set and studio.
  • Audio CD player - speakers for "play alongs"
  • Clean and secure Building - professional environment

my Home-Studio
Also "State of the Art" Yamaha DTX 582K with Play-Along & audio/ video recording capability. Practise Snare Pad Station for technique.








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