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Solutions for Moeller Method & Coordinated Independence.Conceptual appproaches applicable to ALL styles allowing you to move your playing to the next level.



Quote "Jacob, you've got GREAT hands!!! ...hands from hell...!" Jim Chapin - circa 2005 (20th century’s most influential drum set educator)






Quote "Jacob, I dig your playing, big time... You're a hellava drummer!! ... Dig your big band drumming man, lots of fire." Mike Clark circa 2014 - (Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Tony Bennett, etc)

Quote "Very nice. Nice hands, nice energy. Nice Independent Left hand lead.“ (referring to YouTube video) Kenwood Dennard (Sting, Dizzy Gillespie, Associate Professor of Percussion, Berklee College of Music)

Quote "Hey Brother ..!!.. still remember the time you 'went out' like Elvin Jones at Crystal Mansion Studios." Johnny Neel (Formerly with the Allman Brothers Band & vocals on Walt Disney Records CD releases Finding Nemo, Cars, and Ratatouille.)

Quote "Very cool! I like the fact that you are doing YOUR combinations... and not just transcribing what I did." Walfredo Reyes, Jr. (Santana, Christina Aguilera, etc.) - referencing his DVD

TESTIMONIAL "I think of the concepts you taught me often ... I spoke of you to Ralph Angelillo (Montreal Drum Fest, creator). I want him to know about you. You're a great person, a great teacher. Thanks, again, for your great words of wisdom..." Bertil Schulrabe Percussion for Chantal Chamandy's Egyptian Tour 2008 -




Quote"Thank you for the wonderful lesson. I enjoyed it a lot. I will print these exercises and get to work. I will see you soon." Camil Bélisle

Quote "Jacob has a great sense of jazz, & chart reading. I was particularly impressed with the exciting playing displayed in concert with the big band video." Aldo Mazza, Kosa

TESTIMONIAL "Since I have been studying with Jacob my hand speed has doubled. My independence is more solid, and I appreciate his willingness to take me out of my comfort zone in order to build my chops, I came to Jacob for drum set but, I have also seen a huge improvement in my timpani chops as well. I feel lucky to be studying with a master." Terrence LaCroix, B. M. Northern Kentucky University (Orchestre Symphonique des Musiciens du Monde & Orchestre symphonique de l'isle)